Workshops and More

Nita offers classes or private workshops designed to help you discover your potential and find empowerment.  Below are just a few of the topics in her workshops.

  • Transcend anxiety, find and connect with your inner-strength.
  • Release the need to judge and master the destructive habit of gossip.
  • Identify and release fear in all its forms.
  • Guided group meditations also available.  The Meditation Handbook for Beginners is based on a six week meditation course.  Nita offers group guided meditations and individual meditation coaching.

Available Workshops ~

Team Building Workshop

Trust, acceptance, and respect, are the foundations of a strong team.  There is nothing a team cannot accomplish when its members value and trust one another.  Unfortunately, the common habits of gossiping and judging keep us from maintaining this basic groundwork necessary to build a strong and cohesive team.  This workshop is designed to help participants identify and overcome harmful habits that erode teamwork.  To learn more download the PDF below.

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Anxiety Workshop

The habit of anxious thinking is an ingrained, common problem for people in their work and personal lives.  This leads to unnecessary stress that reduces focus, causes fatigue, and robs people of happiness.  To learn more download the PDF below. 

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*Nita is also available for group meditation workshops.  Email Nita at to get more information.  Click here to download more information.