Workshops with Nita

Workshops with Nita are a great tool for team building and helping people deal with anxiety.

Nita offers classes or private workshops designed to help you discover your potential and find empowerment.  Below are just a few of the topics in her workshops.

  • Transcend anxiety, find and connect with your inner-strength.
  • Release the need to judge and master the destructive habit of gossip.
  • Identify and release fear in all its forms.
  • Guided group meditations also available.  The Meditation Handbook for Beginners is based on a six week meditation course.  Nita offers group guided meditations and individual meditation coaching.

Available Workshops ~

Relationship Building

Trust, acceptance, and respect, are the foundations of a strong relationship.  There is nothing we cannot accomplish when we value and trust one another.  Unfortunately, the common habits of gossiping and judging keep us from maintaining this basic groundwork necessary to build a strong and cohesive bond.  This workshop is designed to help participants identify and overcome harmful habits that erode trust and acceptance.  To learn more download the PDF.

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Anxiety Workshop

The habit of anxious thinking is an ingrained, common problem for people in their work and personal lives.  This leads to unnecessary stress that reduces focus, causes fatigue, and robs people of happiness.  To learn more download the PDF

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Workshop Testimonials

Nita’s Anxiety and stress management workshop was truly the most impactful workshop for our employees, and it was the most needed.  In our industry, like so many others, stress and anxiety are rarely discussed, and addressed even less, yet they are such a big impact on productivity, turn-over, and even culture. Nita’s authentic approach resonates with people, and her simple and effective ways to teach people how to deal with anxiety and stress were true gems to our staff. We are forever changed and forever grateful. We can’t wait to bring her back!

Sergio Rojas
Fitness & Health director
Hirschbach Motor Company

Nita Lapinski provided a stress management workshop to my team at Strayer University.  This was a group of mostly PhD-prepared academics with vast collective experience in education.  My team was deeply impressed with Nita's message and approach.  They enthusiastically embraced Nita's exercises and provided me with abundant positive feedback.  Nita's approach is both well-informed and relatable.  She comes across as an expert at her field and yet she is able to connect with her audience and provide pragmatic and actionable approaches to stress management.  I highly recommend this workshop for any corporate team working under deadlines toward ambitious goals.

VP, Faculty Strayer University
Lily Garcia’ Walton

I thought that Nita's Team Building event at our office was very well done and beneficial for me personally.  It is much easier to work as a team when you understand each person's strengths.  Nita was able to get us to individually share a bit about who we are, which proved to be a benefit for all.  Nita had our team pair up to give a hands-on example of how powerful our thoughts are.  She was very real with us, sharing personal examples of her own to help us understand.  I felt very comfortable and connected with her and would recommend this team building event.

Sharon Lacey
Tutera Medical

We had Nita for a team building training at work. She is amazing.  What we learned about ourselves and each other only helped us work as a team more cohesively.  She is attentive and takes her time listening to everyone and what they have to say.  I would definitely have her for more trainings in the future.

Julie Ullman
Practice Manager
Tutera Medical


*Nita is also available for group meditation workshops.  Email Nita at  Click here to download more information.