March 3, 2013


          Her head was wrapped in a scarf, covered in tiny flowers protecting her bald scalp. Head tipped back and mouth wide open, I could see the gentle arch in her teeth that probably resulted in a slight overbite. A sound of joy and relief rose from her belly and flew into the sunshine filled air. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed into the cell phone she gripped in her hand. “Well, I just knew it! Thank you so much! For everything really”…. Her voice quieted some and I kept walking through the park veering away from the stranger on the bench. “Wow” I thought, and I knew she’d just come through a life changing illness. She’d experienced transformation.

 A quote from the book Illusions by Richard Bach reads, “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”     

     What is in the meaning of the word transformation? Is it a subtle shift in belief, a crushing change of life style or a new direction entirely?

     Most of us experience at least one transformation in our lifetimes. When I see transformation energetically, in a reading for instance, the energy is always progressive, multi-layered and beautiful. To say it’s magnificent and fascinating doesn’t do it justice. The energy can look like a tsunami of moving patterns traveling hard and fast or it can be a more gentle, steady flow, both resulting in irrevocable change.

     In some cases our transformation is forced through an act or event we may or may not see coming like sickness, death, divorce, birth, fire or an accident seemingly out of our control, and suddenly we find ourselves in a severe cycle of change whether we like it or not. And in those instances we may go with the changes or resist them with all that we have, refusing to comply.

     In other circumstance, the shift is a result of a conscious decision to transform who we are, what we want, where we are going and how we are getting there and frequently, who we are going with.  Either way, transformation can be exhilarating, magical, terrifying and earth shattering, scattering our existence and all we have known into the wind.

     I think transformation is a gift even though it may not seem so in the beginning. And regardless of how it manifests it gives more than it takes if we allow it. If transformation finds you, embrace it and hold on tight and see where it can take you.