Fearful thinking is a learned behavior that most of us adopt as truth, but simple practices can change our lives.  In Habits That Heal, Nita Lapinski teaches us how to transform and transcend the troublesome patterns of anxiety, the desire to control, negative self-talk, the need to judge others and the destructive habit of gossip.  She masterfully presents us with practical, tangible exercises that will empower, strengthen and elevate us in the face of fear.  


Excerpt from Habits That Heal:

Feeling fear is as natural to us as hearing our names. As toddlers, we learned to fear the basics: “Be careful! Don’t touch that, it’s hot! Don’t run or you will fall! Watch out for cars or they will hit you! Don’t talk to strangers, you can’t trust them.” We learned three important things about fear... to continue reading, download Chapter One below.  

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“I love this book!  Nita Lapinski provides the reader with a clear and simple plan to help others live a life of happiness and fulfillment.  – Dr. Rhuan Rudy Psy,D. 

“The exercises in Habits that Heal are highly intuitive and educational!  - Jennfer Hecker DuVal, LCSW

 “Habits that Heal presents a refreshing alternative to negative thinking.  The simple techniques outlined in the book will ultimately create harmony and well-being in your life.”  - Maren Nyer, B. PH.D.

 “A quick and powerful read!  Habits that Heal is a wonderful resource for creating profound, positive change in your life. “  - Denise Glassmoyer, Psy.D

 Habits that Heal” is down to earth, easily understood and simple to follow.  Lapinski guides you away from self-defeating thought patterns and nurtures you into emotional well-being with ease and precision.  – Dawn D Boyer, Ph.D

 “Practical and Effective!”  - Sergio Rojas, Vitality Health & Business Coach

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Nita offers classes or private workshops designed to help you discover your potential and find empowerment.  Below are just a few of the topics in her workshops.

  • Transcend anxiety, find and connect with your inner-strength.
  • Release the need to judge and master the destructive habit of gossip.
  • Identify and release fear in all its forms.

*Nita is also available for group clairvoyant readings, mediumship and meditation workshops.  Email Nita at NitaLapinski@gmail.com to get more information or click here to download more information.