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Michele Regan

I've had 2 readings with Nita in the past year. I have to be honest, my first time, I was more curious as to what a reading was. That being said, the things Nita saw were right on, it helped me to deal with issues going on in my life. In a way, it was a forecast as to what was going to occur in my life, which pretty much came to fruition.

My second reading came when my life was in a real upheaval; I needed a sense of direction. And honestly, the reading helped explain what was going on and why and really put me at peace! It was really therapeutic.

I've recommended Nita to several of my friends, and plan on going back again in a few months!

Andrea Ward

I loved working with Nita, the reading I received was tremendously valuable and touched the core of my being.

Sometimes in life it takes decades to gain insight into situations that happened long time ago. We yearn for a resolve but do not know quite how to get there. We try, we put our efforts there to make things right but it never quite feels right. We are left with the incomplete and the colors it lays down on the internal landscape of body mind and soul. On rare occasions we are invited to take a close look at what happened again. My meeting with Nita was such. It was very natural and simple. Woman to woman. Friend to friend. Healer to healer. I was able to pick up a paintbrush and change the colors of my landscape because I could touch everything about that very moment from long time ago - now - that is grace! 
Thank you Nita

Amy Delozier

I had trauma in my life with a daughter and decided I needed some information. I had gone to a seminar at my MD’s office and like Nita’s kind, easy going way. She’s a mother of grown children and has the same struggles I was having. She saw me the same day I was so upset. She is genuine and concerned for my well being. I have since brought my husband and two close girlfriends for readings and each were surprised at what they learned from loved ones on the other side. I would enthusiastically recommend her !! Amy C. DeLozier, Office Manager Law Office

Kim Ratier

I view my friendship with Nita as a gift. When I met Nita 16 years ago, I was full of fear ... I was so lost; I didn’t even know I was lost. Nita has helped me to see what I couldn’t see for so long... clarity and what I couldn’t hear for so long… truth. Nita taught me to trust in myself and that I can achieve anything as long as I believe in myself. Our friendship has taught me unconditional love. Nita is my earthly angel.

G. David DeLozier

Nita is a warm, loving person who is not afraid to share her life experiences while at the same time assisting others with seeing through current turmoil in the person she is assisting. While “going through” a life experience, many of us are not able to remember that each person has their own “path” and that “path” is often not one we believe is “best” for that person, and we want to be critical of the other person’s choice. Nita is able to gently lead us to understand that the other person’s choice is their choice and that we must allow them to follow their “dream”. This is especially difficult when we see our own children moving in directions that we believe is not in their own best interests. Nita is able to assist us in recognizing that the more we resist the more persistence in the resistance. Remembering to let go is a path that many of us find difficult at times; Nita is very capable of guiding us through that remembering.

Dorian Long

I took a Meditation class led by Nita. The 6 week class definitely met and exceeded my expectations.
Nita is an outstanding facilitator. First, she made a point of understanding each attendee's goals. By gaining this understanding she was able to 'customize' and help each of us attain very individual outcomes.

Nita has the ability to take very complex subject matter and present it in a very understandable and absorbable manner
I have my personal growth objectives, which this class has better prepared me to attain. Through Nita's invaluable insights and guidance, I have been reached an enhanced level of inner calmness. I an more centered; not just for myself, but affecting those around me as well.

But most importantly, I now have the tools to continue my growth and my journey on my own. That's what a class needs to provide, and what Nita accomplished for me.

Kathy Dryer

Nita has an amazing gift of being able to hear what I need to hear. I love the fact that she wants to know nothing from me; that she uses her gifts to discern what I need in the moment. Nita is very compassionate, supportive and generous soul. Her readings have helped to guide me when I needed clarity to see what I was not seeing clearly for myself.

Robin & David Dworshak

We have both spoken to her in other sessions and for a few years now. When we decided to get married, we asked Nita if she would do pre marital counseling for us. We have a strong relationship, but all relationships can be improved upon. We did two sessions with her and both were very eye opening. WE both learned different aspects of each other that helped us communicate better and showed us how to work with each other and navigate issues we currently have. We both found it to be incredibly helpful, raw and honest. Both of us have things we now are currently working on together and apart to help grow our relationship even stronger than it already is, and into our upcoming years of marriage. WE are truley thankful for Nita and wish she could be there for our ceremony=] It feels like shes such a big part of us. We love you Nita and thank you!

Meghna Thacker

I feel fortunate to have met Nita last year during our office event. She told me something that I truly needed to hear and following that piece of advice has truly changed my life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge through your books. You are beautiful and inspiring and I am very thankful that I met you.


After feeling lost for months I called Nita for guidance and she is amazing. Her words resonated with me and made me feel that I now have some direction and the steps I need to take in order to get to where I need to get to. She is very compassionate and understanding and her words were very healing.


I read Slow Dance, and was captivated from the very first sentence. I read the whole short story without putting it down once. I'm looking forward to reading the others as well. Nita Lapinski is an amazing author and I highly recommend her!


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