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Fearful thinking is a learned behavior that most of us adopt as truth, but simple practices can change our lives.  In Habits That Heal, Nita Lapinski teaches us how to transform and transcend the troublesome patterns of anxiety, the desire to control, negative self-talk, the need to judge others and the destructive habit of gossip.  She masterfully presents us with practical, tangible exercises that will empower, strengthen and elevate us in the face of fear.  


Excerpt from Habits That Heal:

Feeling fear is as natural to us as hearing our names. As toddlers, we learned to fear the basics: “Be careful! Don’t touch that, it’s hot! Don’t run or you will fall! Watch out for cars or they will hit you! Don’t talk to strangers, you can’t trust them.” We learned three important things about fear... to continue reading, download Chapter One below. 


“I love this book!  Nita Lapinski provides the reader with a clear and simple plan to help others live a life of happiness and fulfillment.  – Dr. Rhuan Rudy Psy,D. 

“The exercises in Habits that Heal are highly intuitive and educational!  - Jennfer Hecker DuVal, LCSW

 “Habits that Heal presents a refreshing alternative to negative thinking.  The simple techniques outlined in the book will ultimately create harmony and well-being in your life.”  - Maren Nyer, B. PH.D.

 “A quick and powerful read!  Habits that Heal is a wonderful resource for creating profound, positive change in your life. “  - Denise Glassmoyer, Psy.D

 “Habits that Heal” is down to earth, easily understood and simple to follow.  Lapinski guides you away from self-defeating thought patterns and nurtures you into emotional well-being with ease and precision.  – Dawn D Boyer, Ph.D

 “Practical and Effective!”  - Sergio Rojas, Vitality Health & Business Coach

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Meditation Handbook for Beginners by Nita Lapinski

Meditation Handbook for Beginners by Nita Lapinski


Establish a practice of meditation in six weeks. Techniques in this course stem from various philosophies that include teachings from Edgar Cayce, Native American traditions, and East Indian philosophy. We have been told for years, “clear your mind of all thoughts,” or “meditate for a half hour to an hour a day.” This is sage advice but not always practical in today’s world. Practice ten minutes a day and change your life. Create a foundation and make the meditations and how you practice them your own.

Customer review:
"Being a long term meditator, I had this book for awhile before reading it. I originally picked it up, because I couldn't put down Lapinski's other book, The Knowing. I wondered what she had to say about meditation. I really think she did an excellent job of introducing meditation to interested, busy, on the go people. Clear, concise, easy, approachable directions inspire and motivate the reader to want to dive in. If you want to learn to meditate, this little book will help make it as easy as breathing."


 The “Sweetheart Rapist,” terrorized and raped more than a dozen women in northern California in the 1980's before authorities caught him. The attacks struck fear into the hearts of lovers everywhere as he targeted isolated spots where couples went to be alone. With a ski mask and a gun, the Sweetheart Rapist ordered men into the trunks of cars to listen helplessly while he raped their female partners, usually blondes.

The Knowing: Awake in the Dark is the true story of a young woman who met a man who becomes a notorious serial rapist. Her unique, clairvoyant gifts warn her that he is a violent predator. Journey with her as she struggles to find her own self-worth, dignity, and love amidst deception and self-doubt, and learn how to use the power of intuition and conscious intent in your own life.

The Knowing by Nita Lapinski

The Knowing by Nita Lapinski

Reviews of The Knowing:

"A powerful, honest look at this author’s life experience, with an excellent opener that readers can relate to: the thought that these experiences feel like they happened to someone else. The author has displayed her mindset of feeling somewhat removed from what she has experienced, a self-protective stance that shows her bravery, and hooks the reader into an expectation: What are we about to read?

The author has put great effort into recounting her experiences, creating wonderfully rounded views into her inner life, her relationships, her struggles. Each scene is marvelously layered with detail – from the sensory details that make this a ‘moving picture’ that we can *feel* to the author’s great talent for painting settings. We are grounded in realistic scenes, and we get an unflinching look at raw attack, danger, and damage. Transitioning bac and forth in time very naturally, the book creates raw emotion in the reader. We flinch at the savagery in the attack scene, we silently cheer for her resilience. We feel her hope as she heals.

A strength of this book is her well-delivered message of ‘receiving love was a choice I could make’ is the gem that adds the greatest value to this book. In life stories including memories of abuse and mistreatment, authors often tell what they experienced without going to the next level of ‘here’s a little bit of help for you.’ The author takes that step into providing a helpful insight, a decision that is in itself an action. Well done. The book is born with purpose.

Excellent pacing, so necessary to a story that has difficult scenes to experience (and we do experience emotion while reading). Author excels at realistic dialogue to help us see deep within the characters as well. Well done." Judge, 3rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.

"This is an inspirational story of one woman's journey in overcoming great adversity, which leads to self discovery, recognition and acceptance of her talents, and growth into her true self. But it is more than that... Not just a self-help book or a memoir, this book is also a gripping story written in style that holds the readers attention all the way to the end. Through the descriptive writing, the author makes us feel like we are there with her, seeing and feeling what she experiences. I truly enjoyed reading this book and found it very inspiring. I am in awe of Ms. Lapinski's bravery in writing and publishing her incredible true story."

"Compelling and painfully truthful a fascinating story that reminds the reader of the amazing ability the human spirit possesses to overcome disturbing past events. In trusting your inner voice anyone can create their life experience."

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