Endorsements and Testimonials for Habits That Heal

“I loved this book!  Habits that Heal provides both the wisdom and techniques for overcoming everyday limiting habits that often keep people stuck in mental suffering. The author, Nita Lapinski, is a talented wordsmith and she provides the reader with a clear and simple plan to help people live a life of happiness and fulfillment. She uses a lot of colorful anecdotes to clarify her points and make her message easy to read and comprehend.  A must read for anyone who aspires to a better life!”

 Dr. Rhuan Rudy Psy.D.

“In Habits that Heal: Nita shares other people’s journeys to inspire you to live in courage and empowerment. The exercises in the book are intuitive and educational. Nita’s wisdom and encouragement will support you in living a life of authentic abundance and integrity.”

Jennifer Hecker DuVal, LCSW

“This book distills important teachings into a readable and accessible form.  Nita clearly and articulately describes situations and examples in compelling detail, and creates exercises to alter and replace negative thought patterns, something that we as psychologists are always working to do as well.  Her techniques provide a refreshing alternative way to explore negative thinking and innovative yet simple techniques to create healthier ways of thinking and being in the world.”

Maren Nyer, B.,PH.D.

Nita Lapinski, has written a down-to-earth, easily understood, simple to follow, self-help book on developing one’s own cure from harmful and self-debilitating habits and thoughts.  The simple exercises in the book help the reader identify thoughts causing harm to their mental, emotional, and psychological well-being. Lapinski guides the reader beyond the reader’s self-defeating thoughts by developing positive habits of thinking that are more positively empowering, easily completed, and as self-fulfilling and affirmative reinforcement.

 Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D., D. Boyer Consulting, Va. Beach, VA

Nita’s book is not only heart felt and filled with true wisdom, it’s also practical and very effective. So many people struggle with anxiety on a variety of levels and this is the perfect book to get you on the path to healing and wholeness.

Sergio Rojas, FAFS, CSCS, CES, CNS
Vitality Health & Business Coach, Speaker

Habits that Heal is a wonderful resource for creating profound positive change in your life. Nita Lapinski provides a road map for the traveler looking to enjoy a purposeful, peaceful, and profound journey through this thing called life. This is one of those books that you will find yourself sharing with friends and loved ones. A quick and powerful read!

Denise Glassmoyer, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Transformational Consultant


Reading your book, Habits that Heal, I cannot even tell you what a gift it was for me today! I have been beating myself up about everything!! I’ve been stuck in this endless and mindless thought process that you write in your book! I found so much comfort in others stories and feel like I can beat this crap!!! I am going to start tomorrow!!  So grateful for you!!

Krista Rojas

Almost had a panic attack in the Rome metro! It was packed! But I did your exercises I learned in your book and they worked!! Thank you, thank you.

Shelli Silver’ Omphroy
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 I just want to tell you I really enjoyed the workshop last week and that your tip to take 3 deep breaths, in this moment I am safe and smile has helped me immensely. 

Kristi Rhodes