Life Reading (60 minute session) - $250.00, includes digital recording

Nita takes your whole given name into meditation to receive information most important for you. This session focuses on what is current and manifesting in your life and also on your soul intent. Frequently you find clarity where it is most needed.  “I generally write three to four pages of information specific for each individual. This work is based off of the vibration of your name which for me, is like a thumb print and unique to you."

The session begins with silent prayer followed by stating your name which helps me connect with your highest self, angles, spirit guides and sometimes loved ones on the other side.  

Session time is 60 minutes and includes time for questions.

Clairvoyant reading (60 minute session - $225.00 or 30 minute session - $115.00)

A sixty minute or thirty minute reading focuses on questions the client has.  We begin with silent prayer followed by the client speaking their name to establish a connection. The client will then ask their questions. It is also possible to channel energies at that time. Tarot card readings are also possible for those interested.  Digital recording may be purchased for $10.00.

Mediumship session (60 minute session - $225.00 or 30 minute session - $115.00)

For those wishing to connect with family or friends who have transitioned to the other side. All sessions begin with intention followed by silent prayer.  Nita will then establish a link with her client before beginning the session.  Digital recording may be purchased for $10.00.

Workshops and More

Nita offers classes or private workshops designed to help you discover your potential and find empowerment.  Below are just a few of the topics in her workshops.

  • Transcend anxiety, find and connect with your inner-strength.
  • Release the need to judge and master the destructive habit of gossip.
  • Identify and release fear in all its forms.

*Nita is also available for group meditation workshops.  Email Nita at to get more information.  Click here to download more information.


Events with Nita
Readings & Workshops