Testimonial 2

Enough time has now passed allowing me to reflect on our two sessions. Each time the results were the same: you reached my innermost thoughts and emotions, and helped me answer questions that consumed much time and energy. With each passing day, I become more grateful for your insight and honesty.
I have become more trusting of my intuitions and instinctive reflexes. I have reaffirmed my spiritual commitments and think of you as a new source of respect for the blessings God provides us each day. Your gift is our gift.
Thank you for your time, interest, and sincerity. Your work is very important.
Neville A. Slaughter
Com Tex International

Testimonial 1

Health professionals are human, too. In January of 1993, I began a year long personal struggle of emotional pain with growth of self-relationships. Nita was indeed a “Window of Light” for me. Her workshops are geared toward women’s issues presented in a very informal basis. Nita shares her life’s experiences which forms a bond with participants. She then explores various strategies and techniques to help me pursue an inner peace. Nita’s energy, charisma and openness are what makes her such a good speaker. I would encourage everyone to attend just one workshop. Then you can decide if this is a place for you.

Kay Kerr
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist