October 8, 2013



          What is the energetic impact of random sex?

         “Should we have sex on the first date or with a stranger we just met?”  The answer lies in another question, “What will we get out of it?” Everything is energy. There is no experience where we aren’t energetically impacted, sometimes positively, sometimes not. Most of us never consider what we trade cosmically, but frankly, a vibrational exchange can make you feel like you've wrestled in sludge or send you soaring.

          Have you ever met someone that you couldn’t wait to have raw, unattached, sex with? And regardless of the sex itself, later, you felt low, tired, headachy, and depressed or lonely? What you experienced was likely a spiritual hangover from an abundance of energy moving through you. Sometimes, the opposite feeling occurs and you are strangely energized feeling like you’re riding an electric current. Either way, you are deeply affected, but most of us shake off the sensation and attribute how we feel to something else. Although the physical exchange has passed, the energetic one has not. It’s become an energetic imprint staying in your field. It’s become part of who you are.

        When we are intimate with someone, we are sharing energetically all that they are and all that we are. Everything that you’ve experienced in life is part of your energetic footprint.

       Now, some of us never consciously feel or acknowledge this fact, but others do and can’t reconcile just what it is. The energetic swap happens whether we know it or not. So the next time you indulge, consider the fact that you will give and take energy that will affect you. It’s really not just random sex. It’s something more.