An open letter to someone you love

     I know that I have imperfections and at times I'm too brash. I sometimes speak without thinking and state my truth before remembering you might have a different one. Occasionally I'm irreverent uttering inappropriate things and I have been known to voice beliefs that spark your anger. I am too honest for polite society and my life is easily judged. I disagree with many conventional wisdom's and I have an alternative understanding. But despite my limitations, I will always be there for you and I will not judge.

   I will accept you outright despite what others say and I will give you guidance when you ask. I will hear your heart cry out regardless of proximity and I will never be unkind.

   But, please understand that I cannot witness while an over indulgence becomes toxic nor validate half-truths. The aftermath of actions that leaves one empty and weak are hard to spectate and I cannot stand-by as you slowly disappear. I can no longer pretend these things don't change us or that the doing of them doesn't hold a deeper meaning. I will forever hold hope that self-worth prevails and happiness fills your heart.

Nita Lapinski