August 2011

Discover your Clair’s
A new 4-part course specifically designed to help you discover your Clair’s begins in September 2011. We are each born with the “Four Clair’s.” which of the Clair’s is strongest within you? Do you more often experience Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience or Clairaudience?
In this 4-part class we will identify each Clair’s meaning and discover which ones we naturally experience most often. Learn how you can strengthen and use them in your life. The class schedule is Sept 20th & 27th and October 4th & 18th at Storm Wisdom Center 3375 E. Shea Blvd. Suite A-1 Phoenix, AZ 85028 from 6pm until 8:30.
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Ingrid’s Gift
The loud bang startled me out of meditation again. It was the third or fourth time that day I’d heard the disruptive boom’s. In fact, it was day three of the annoying interruptions. I knew the noises weren’t “house noises” as my husband had suggested, they were deliberate- someone was making them though technically I’d been alone. I walked to the center of the house-my arms locked stubbornly across my chest. “Okay, who is it?” I asked out loud as my eyes scanned the room. But there was no reply and whatever or whomever had been there was gone.

In my bedroom the next afternoon I found dozens of delicate pearls sprawled across the floor that had fallen from a houseplant. One had to physically bump the plant to cause the tiny buds to let go and they were not there when I’d left that morning, someone had been in my room.

I scooped up the mess and on my way out I saw on my dresser, my favorite figurine of a fairy with wild hair that sits on a crystal ball, she had been turned completely backwards. Okay, now there was no question- my body hair stood erect- someone was definitely trying to get my attention. But I couldn’t detect who it was.

I hadn’t realized someone sitting on the couch until I passed them, it was 7:30 am and when I spun around in suprise, they were gone. I was certain of what I’d seen. Who was trying so hard to reach me? I wondered.

Then my friend Christian called, “Nita” he said in a
voice tight with emotion, “Ingrid died sometime this week. We just discovered her body and we don’t know how she died. I thought you would want to know.”

The reason he thought so was because upon hearing the shocking news of his sisters unexpected death, Christian got a flash of memory and saw Ingrid and I standing together in our uniforms smiling and laughing. We’d worked together and had been friends. But that had been more than two decades ago and Ingrid and I hadn’t kept in touch. “The image,” Christian said “was crystal clear and bright.” I wondered, had Ingrid given him the memory so he would call me?

Goose flesh crawled along my skin. It all fell into place and I realized my old friend was visiting. She’d been trying to gain my attention all week but I was unable to recognize her energy. After my recognition of Ingrid she was able to communicate with me and asked if I would be her medium and deliver a message to her family which I was honored to do. The next morning I had to write fast to keep up with all she said.

I gave Christian Ingrid’s message which he read at her memorial to his family and Ingrid’s friends. He didn’t tell anyone where the words had come from. They were stunned and absolutely silent as Christian delivered his sisters missive and wondered how he had come by these words that sounded and felt like Ingrid herself had spoken them. They felt comforted and happy to hear what Christian shared. It was Ingrid’s gift to them.

It would have been easy to doubt the signs of Ingrid’s presence- to question myself and disbelieve the evidence she’d left and frequently, that’s what we do. We question and doubt, we tell ourselves we are imagining. Sometimes our intuition is not so overt, it’s more subtle.

Have you felt or seen something you suspect is connected to a loved one who has passed? Sometimes we see our loved ones in what feels like a dream or we feel a flash of energy that brings their essence back to us in a breathtaking wave and we know it was them. Sometimes we smell them. Sometimes they speak to us.

It can take time, acceptance and practice but we can learn to understand and embrace our unbreakable connection to a world that we can’t always see.
Thank you Ingrid.

*If you would like to read Ingrid’s words to her family, visit my website and click on Ingrid’s words.

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Book Update

Who knew I would be giving updates on a project I naively thought would only take a few months? Here I am close to 2 years in and I dare say, I have more to go. On the upside, things are progressing well and I have finally come into alignment with what I’m writing. Whew! So in the meantime, thank you to all who supported me during this interesting ride. Those who listen to my paragraphs, pages and ramblings, what would I do without you?