August 2012

The ghost of summer.
Once again summer has raced past leaving a silhouette of vacations, barbeques, family gatherings, good books, sleeping late, and the faint scent of sunblock in it’s wake.
Seriously, I don’t know where the time goes.
At my house there were visit’s from children and granddaughters, family photos, a trip back east and a broken rib from a slip in the shower.
My favorite editor has my manuscript once again and my fingers are double crossed behind my back that this will be the final edit. Keep your fingers crossed too, maybe it’ll help.
I trust that your summer was everything you’d hoped for and more. Bring on fall and winter, we’re ready.

My body suddenly shivered with goosebumps and the air became electric.
Something resembling heat waves rose out of nowhere forming an energy mass across the room from where I sat. I felt it’s vibration rush through me fluctuating higher and then lower.
My intuition told me that the stranger was a man who’d died just that morning and wanted to get a message to his family. I hadn’t known him while he lived. His family was connected to a close friend of mine and his eldest son Wayne, attended the same high school as my daughter.
I leaned forward squeezing shut my eyes hoping to better understand the words that were racing through my mind.
“Slowdown,” I said. “I can’t understand you and I can’t write that fast!” I felt rattled and out of balance.
His energy was frantic and full of static like an un-tuned radio. I felt his uncertainty hang like fog between us. Can she hear me? How long can I talk?

“Tell them,” he said, “that I wasn’t afraid. My mother and my sister were there to help me. They were waiting for me.
And while he talked, I felt who he’d been. Like a voyeur I witnessed pieces of his life speeding by in glimpses that lasted only seconds but revealed the intimate moments of his life. That was his gift to me, it was our exchange.
“Tell my wife” he went on, “I’m sorry for the way I treated her.”
The memory of angry words and hateful intent that had been hurled between two people lingered like cologne in the air. “It wasn’t her, it was me. I really do love her.
Tell Zack, I’m sorry I yelled at him and tell him to try to forget the shock of finding me like that. Dead in the snow. I didn’t know it would happen like this. I never wanted that for him.”
His sorrow, regret and love that had lived within him spilled out flooding the room. He went on relating information about secret insurance policies, hidden items in his garage, regret for the treatment of those he loved and on and on. I scribbled madly trying to keep up.

Anxiety gurgled in my stomach and my mind spun. What was I supposed to do with the information? I couldn’t call a total stranger who’d just lost her husband and say, “Hi. I’m the psychic across town. Your husband just dropped in.”
After writing what he said, I called my friend who’d told me about his death earlier that morning.
“Hello Wendy? You’ll never believe what just happened.”
I told her everything and she said, “It sounds like that was Bones. They think he had a massive heart-attack. I was just leaving to go over there.”
I was relieved to surrender my notes of what he’d said to Wendy. She could deliver the information at an appropriate time. As it turned out the family was very grateful to receive his message.

I am constantly humbled by the events in my life. I am also deeply thankful for gifts I’ve been given.
We don’t have the same experiences or intuition, but we all have it. Most of us don’t trust what we see, hear or smell. We quickly disregard the knowing that washes over us revealing a truth we could not have known.
I’m crazy we tell ourselves or that was not real.
But what if we can learn to trust those moments? Would a whole unknown world open up?
Maybe an unusual event has happened in your life and you felt awkward telling anyone or you question if what happened was real. Ask yourself, What if it is real? What happens then?
We have to learn to trust ourselves and then see what comes.

As always, I thank you for your interest and support. I invite you to have a reading soon and remember that I book two or three weeks out so don’t wait! Visit my website or email me for details.

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