March 17, 2013

     “What is my purpose?” Diana asked while her hands lay gently over mine, during her reading. “I mean, what am I supposed to be doing?”

      I wish I had the answer to, what I believe is, a commonly misunderstood notion that we have a single purpose. In my experience, there is no one purpose or single karmic intent instead, there are many. We get to choose how we will master our soul intent which can shift and change as we go through life. Further, most of us live completing some of our intent, without consciously knowing all of the parts which is why judgment is never helpful.

      One of my clients confided something she’d been told by a psychic during a reading. “My guides are angry” she said, “because I’m not listening to them and doing what I’m supposed to.” Self-judgment rang in her voice and my heart went out to her.

     I have never received guidance or information that suggests in any way that our guides or angels or highest-self, have any judgment, period. Never. We judge ourselves. I think it is deeply ingrained in us that there is right or wrong or good and bad. We believe that we have a hidden purpose and that if we don’t find and fulfill it, somehow we have failed.

     To find an inner purpose is important and I do encourage you to align with authentic-self so you may discover a direction or path that allows you to uncover one of yours. How you do that is again, your choice.

     Personally, I define purpose as a thing I do which brings me joy. When I realized an ability to give readings, I made a commitment to practice, study and to walk my talk. I do this because as a result, I am able to offer a clearer and open channel to receive information and helping others in this way gives me happiness. So perhaps the question is, “what brings you joy?” When you identify that and do it you will find your purpose.

      It doesn’t matter what it is. I know a lady that makes cookies for school bake sales. She has no children in school but she loves baking treats that benefit others and I’m willing to bet that through her delicious endeavor, she finds purpose.

     So, seek guidance through meditation, prayer, angels, church or some sort of self-reflection but find your joy, practice it and maybe share with others and in that, I believe you will find purpose.